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Fatal floods in Kurubanahalli cause residents to lose stuffs

 By Diyali Banerjee

Overflow of storm water drain in Kurubarahalli flooded the whole area, leaving houses and lives devastated. Our reporter Diyali Banerjee reports from the location.

Bangalore hits century on the number of places with no graduates

By Rimjhim Gour

According to a government's survey, there are 104 places in Bangalore which have no graduate residents. Our reporter Rimjhim Gour finds out the reasons.

Experts say psychometric tests on school staff are not a guarantee for ensuring children's safety in school premises. Our reporter Stuti Tripathi tells how the schools are coping.

Diwali goods not lighting up electronic goods market

By Vatsala Arya

The white goods market has been seeing a decrease in the sale due to the GST even despite discounts. Our reporter Vatsala Arya gets more details on the story..

The Self Help Groups rely more on banks to borrow loans

By Saloni Kothari

There has been over 60 percent of increase in number of self help groups (SHGs) borrowing money from banks over the last five years. Our reporter Saloni Kothari finds out more.










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