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'Sexy Durga' arouses controversies and protests.

 By Ranjeet Kumar

Citizens gathered outside a media house in the city to protest agasint a tweet by one of their reporters.



By Kaveri Gupta

D.K.Ravi's mother demands justice for her son. She claims her son was murdered and it was not suicide as reported. Our reporter Kaveri Gupta with that report. 

Irregular rainfall patterns affect claims life in Kalaghatagi

By Rimjhim Gour

This monsoon has been really bad for the farmers of Kalaghatagi. Our reporter Rimjhim Gour finds out why.

More co-working spaces come up in city

By Saloni Kothari

Start-ups in Bangalore are more open to working in co-working spaces. Our reporter Saloni Kothari finds out about the business of the co-working spaces.

Bangalore city faces a lack of teachers

By Radhika Sarkar

There is a shortage of teachers at almost every level of education throughout India. Our reporter Radhika Sarkar tells us about it.


Online specialisation for doctors.

By Stuti Tripathi

: Our reporter Stuti Tripathi learns about a new start-up in Bangalore which offers certified online courses for doctors mainly targeting rural areas. . 

Government brings No Bag Day, students rejoice

By Sakshi Mehra

Karnataka's department of Public Instructions order all schools of Karnataka to make one day, no bag day every week from next academic year. Our reporter Sakshi Mehra with the report.



Students find a new way to measure bacteria growth

By Stuti Tripathi

Our reporter Stuti Tripathi finds out about the new achievements in the field of genetic engineering. . 


Most inclusive pride march in India

By Shruti Agrawal

Namma Pride March of Bangalore is a protest which not only fights for LGBT people but also for disabled people.Our reporter Shruti Agarwal reports from the event.


Para athletes yet to receive promised prizes

 By Avijit Dutta

Even after giving 100 percent for the country the para athletes are not felicitated by the Karnataka government. Our reporter Avijit Dutta was there in the event.


By Abhishek Sarkar

The Football Department of Sports Authority of India has started a grass-root plan for young footballers. Our reporter Abhishek Sarkar finds out more.

Ambedkar Sene allege 5 cops of Annapoorneshwari Police Station of harass event.

By Tushar Goenka

They are going to protest outside the police station for ACP's removal. Our reporter Tushar Goenka tell us more.


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