The Flaunting Labels

The story of people trying to revive the Lambani art and culture.

By Pallavi Sharma

‘The flaunting labels’ is a short film on the losses incurred by Sandur Kushala Kala Kendra (SKKK), an organisation which works for the Lambani/Banjara community to revive its culture. The film focuses on the low income of the Lambani embroidery artisans from the organisation and their fading culture due to westernization.

The Lambani Community is highly populated in North Karnataka and is famous for their traditional embroidery. Santi Bai and Gowri Bai from SKKK have received national and international awards for their work. Their work was recognized by UNESCO and was also showcased in the Lakme Fashion Week. In 2008, they recieved their Geographical Indication tag. Although the organisation is well-known, they are not able to make profits because the market is not in favor.