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Maternal Malnutrition

In Maski, most of the children mainly depend on Anganwadi for malnutrition. The Anganwadi teacher has the main role to supervise children under age 5. According to the National Family Health Survey in Raichur, 73% of women are anemic. The Nutrition rehabilitation centers have been developed with Community health Centers and Angadwadi to give proper […]

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MDR-TB: The Hidden Epidemic

Karnataka has a high mortality rate due to tuberculosis. Yelburga that comes under Koppal district has also seen a rise. Late detection, co-infection, interruption in treatment, inadequate nutrition, lost to follow up, lack of awareness are the major causes of mortality. A 48-year-old lady from Tummaraguddi village, Renamma Rathore was first diagnosed with tuberculosis (TB) […]

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Elephant(iasis) in the room

Shahapur a small village situated in the north of Karnataka suffers from elephantiasis for a decade and more. The problem is so deep-rooted that people have shunned the idea of consulting a doctor. With more than 525 cases in the taluk, people suffer from all kind of social and economical issue. From 15 years doctors […]

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