7 Arrested for Wheelieing on Nice Road

Published on February 27, 2020 by

Kengeri police arrested seven people on Monday afternoon for wheelieing on the Nice road. They were booked under IPC sections 279 and 189.

Wheelie is a trick or maneuver whereby a bicycle or motorcycle is ridden for a short distance with the front wheel raised off the ground, according to Oxford Dictionary. While there are no specific laws making wheelieing on Indian streets an illegal activity, however, Section 189 states ‘Whoever without the written consent of the state government permits or takes part in a race or trial of the speed of any kind between motor vehicles in any public place shall be punishable with imprisonment’.

Shivaiyya, the Head Constable of Kengeri Police Station, said, “We have filed a case against all the 7 people. Their vehicles have been seized and licenses have been sent to the RTO office for suspension. After the court procedure, they will be released along with their vehicles and licenses.”
V. Ramesh, Professor of Civil Department, RR College said, “This has become a trend among youngsters to do such activities. They enjoy doing this. Although Police have arrested them, once they get released, there is no guarantee they will not do such activities again. The main thing we can do is to educate the people and create awareness among the youths for traffic rules and actions against violating the rules.”

After the accused pays the court fine, they will be released along with their vehicles but their licenses will remain suspended for at least 6 months.

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