An Initiative to Prevent The Water Scarcity

Published on November 24, 2019 by
A new initiative to construct recharge wells is helping to increase the groundwater levels.

The construction of recharge wells at Cubbon Park under the 100 million wells scheme is helping to restore the decreased groundwater level.

Vishwanath, a water expert said, “Unfortunately as the city is crusting; only 3% of the rain that recharges the groundwater becomes available through open wells. Through 100 million wells schemes that have been done in Cubbon park, where 64 recharge wells have been made. If the city makes million wells and recharges the rainwater, the groundwater quality will improve.”

The only source of water in Bangalore lore is the Cauvery River. The consumption of water is increasing with the increase in population.

Kusuma G. Deputy Director, Horticulture department said, “The work was in progress for the last 6 years. Now the work is complete. And it has increased the groundwater level. It is a good concept. “

With this, the number of bore wells has increased and the natural reservoirs like lakes and ponds are disappearing. So the construction of recharge wells can be beneficial.

The horticulture department has decided to implement a hundred million well projects in Botanical Garden Lalbagh as well.

But construction of recharge wells in urban areas, where the topsoil of earth has been washed away can be more effective than constructing them in forest areas.

Sandeep Ramakrishnan, an environmentalist said, “100 wells project is a great intervention in a city. But in a forest, you don’t need it. Every drop of water that falls on the earth goes directly into the earth. There are millions of wells in the ground because of the earthworms dig a million wells in the earth. Thus when it rains it goes to the earth through the holes, which recharges the groundwater.”

The restoration of already existing reservoirs and wells can give better results in restoring groundwater level rather than constructing new 100 million wells.

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