BBMP apps fail technically – leave the citizens complaints unheard.

Published on October 19, 2019 by

Citizens say that BBMP apps don’t function properly and that complaints on the app are not dealt with in a timely manner.

The Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike’s (BBMP) three mobile apps, Sahaaya, fix my street app and  DiGi7 have not been working, claim citizen who has lodged their complaints on them.

Tanisha Upadhya, who tried to make a complaint on one of the apps says, “There is a location problem, we can’t understand it. The application is showing some errors. There is nothing shown on the app and that’s its biggest problem. When we actually register the complain they don’t show the complaint status.”

Other users say that when their complaints do get registered the BBMP does not solve their problems. Prasad says, “I have registered a complain and they are taking a lot of time to reply it. These people are not ready to solve the issues of what we are facing. I have registered complaints about garbage and other issues on the BBMP app but they are not ready to solve it. They don’t even reply to it.”

BBMP officials have countered the complaints by saying that the application receives many complaints on a daily basis, “BBMP receives more than 600 complains in a day. And it’s not easy to solve all the issues in one day. We will work on the errors of the app”. They further said that problems like garbage take 12 hrs to get resolved whereas problems with roads and potholes take 24hrs to get resolved.

Meanwhile, Shivendra Ashish, an app developer has provided a solution to make the application more user-friendly and efficient. “There is a problem related to the server and more works need to be done for scaling of the app. It needs more resources. And also improvement related to the complaints should show some progress. The problem is about the compatibility with the phone because of a different version. Many people don’t know how to update the software so they face a lot of problems.”

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