BBMP too bored to segregate Garbage; says Kalasipalayam residents

Published on September 9, 2019 by

Street vendors, customers and the traffic police men work bearing the stench from the garbage.

Arti Peethambaran

Bangalore, September 9, 2019-09-09

Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) fails to collect and segregate the waste at Kalasipalayam bus stop. The residents and shop owners openly dump the garbage near the bus stop, making it hard for the traffic police men and the vendors to work there.

The waste is not serrated by the people before dumping. The customers and travellers also find it difficult while passing by the bus stand.  “This place is not cleaned, this is the problem here. If the garbage is cleared and the road is broadened then it would be good.” said Mustafa, a regular customer at kalasipalam.

After the rains the road gets filthy and the heap of garbage stinks. Even though the BBMP waste collecting trucks has to clean the waste every alternative day and also has a door-door collection system; dumping of garbage issue remains constant.

“There is a lot of problem. Public visit here often and they face problems because of the dirty roads and the garbage here,” said Mr.Basheer Ahmed, dry fruit seller in the Kalasipalayam bus stop.

The new rules of Solid waste management 2016, implies that the BBMP has to process, treat and dispose the bio-degradable waste that is collected from the premises.

“There is no political will in cleaning the city. BBMP has got its own limitations. They are working under the instructions of the elected people”, said Mr. Ramakanth, founder of the Solid waste management committee.

The garbage on the roads also affects the health conditions of the people and the animals. There are animals which feed on the garbage and mostly eat plastic as the garbage is not segregated.

“If you start with segregating the whole waste at home it is the best thing to do. Both wet and the dry waste are resources for us, they are not waste. Wet waste can be made into manure, dry waste can be recycled. Both are sources for us”, said Mr. Vaman Simha, an activist for the cleanliness group and SWM.

Currently, many volunteer groups are acting against the garbage problem in the city. They are spreading awareness among the people to segregate and not let waste go out of their houses.

“As a volunteer group we are pushing BBMP to regularise the collection. Every ward should be monitored. We are also encouraging people to compost their kitchen waste”, said Seema, volunteer and activist for SWM.



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