Being differently-abled, women get trained and employed

Published on March 19, 2019 by

The number of women getting trained and employed has seen a rise.

In recent years, the number of differently-able women getting trained for procurement of employment has seen a rise to about 30 percent presently.  Manish Kumar, Program Manager, American India Federation said “An increased number of differently abled women have been a recent shift. About 28 to 30 percent as women are taking training programs compared to 12 percent in the past.”

The women express that, in recent times, the companies have become disable friendly. They also said though the employment opportunities have increased, there is still a lot to achieve. Jyothi Ganapathi, Vice President (Human Resource) at Accenture said, “In recent years, increase in differently-abled women in the job sector but still there is a long way to go.”

The organizations have employed differently- abled people, especially differently-abled women who cover 40% of the company. Anuradha, an organizer at Cheshire Disability Trust said, “3400 differently abled people are employed through our organization this year, 40 percent of them are women.”

The differently abled women face physical assaults and to avoid these, there are many women taking up the training for self-defense. Suma Employee at Cheshire disability Trust, said “The crime rate in the city towards disabled women is 4 to 10 percent higher than the rest. The self-defense training that has been a pilot project helps differently abled women to be aware of the sexual harassment at workplace and stay safe in their work zone.

Hostels are being built for the disabled people to make sure they have a proper place to live in V.S Basavraj, State commissioner for persons with disabilities said, “ All over Karnataka 30 hostels have been built to accommodate disabled women who come for education or Employment purposes. The hostel is full and plans to build more are going on. There are more women who are forthcoming to take up jobs and be independent these days.”


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