Button roses more in demand this wedding season

Published on February 28, 2019 by

It’s the wedding season and weddings use a lot of flowers. The cost of button roses have gone up, they now cost four times they used to last month.

Ravi Krishna, rose farmer from Hosakote, “Last week a bunch of 10 flowers cost has gone up to Rs 200. Usually, it is between Rs 45 and 50 for a bunch of 10 flowers”.

Cost of the rose flowers depends on the demand inside the country and export demands. International Floral Auction Bangalore Limited (IFAB) decides daily prices of the flowers.

Chandra Shekhar, Rose flower shop keeper from Gandhi Nagar said, “Both stem and button roses will have demand during festivals and other special occasions of the year. Both the flowers are used for decoration”.

Rose flowers grown in the greenhouse has more demand in the international market. Flowers grown in an open environment are sold in local markets like K R Market and Russel Market.

Krishna Rajendra market and Russell market in Bangalore are famous for flower sales.

Lakshmi R, Assistant Director of Horticulture Department. (Floriculture Division), “Flower farmers are well aware of market fluctuations; they grow flowers according to it. There are a few peak times in a year when there is a higher demand for flowers. Most of the times the price of the flowers depends on supply”.

Flower price fluctuations depend on the festive and marriage seasons of the country.


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