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Bengaluru reports 26% decline in cases of car thefts, this year.

SOURCE: State Crimes Record Bureau

By Nikita Gupta

Date: September 24, 2019

The city has registered 107 car thefts this year, a 26% decline against the 228 cases reported in 2018.

One of the reasons for this decline is new technology.

Abhishek,Service Advisor, Trident Motors says, “Gear-locking system is one security method in cars. Another way is GPRS system installed in vehicles. One can find details through phone about where car is located. Also, these days a lot of vehicles have smart keys which prevent duplicate keys to be used.”

The Bengaluru City Police has also been working towards preventing motor vehicles thefts.

“The police in the city has taken a lot of safety measures such as fining people in no-parking area and increasing the penalty, installing cctvs and increasing strolling during night time.” says Vijay Kumar, Police Inspector, Kengeri Police Station.

This focus on prevention has seen the number of car thefts in Bangalore decline over the last two years since 256 car thefts were reported in 2017.

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