Cone shaped loudspeakers are still in use despite being banned by SC

Published on September 30, 2019 by

Supreme Court in 2005 had banned the use of cone-shaped loudspeakers as they emit more sound than is permitted.

By- Priyansh Verma, IIJNM

24th September 2019

Cone-shaped loudspeakers are still in use across Bangalore city despite being banned by the Supreme Court.  Various religious institutions like temples and mosques at Commercial Street, Kombalgodu and Kengeri use cone-shaped speakers.

The mosques use the cone-shaped speakers on a regular basis for ‘azaan’.

Kavita Reddy, an activist, said, “We all must look beyond the religious angle associated with issue of the ban of cone-shaped loudspeakers. If the Supreme Court has issued a verdict against the use of high decibel emanating loudspeakers, then it must be followed. It’s unfortunate the police or the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board doesn’t act proactively and implement the Supreme Court’s directive.”

The Madras High Court, in 2017, had directed the State Police to implement the SC’s verdict, as continuous violation of the Noise Pollution (Control and Regulation) Rules, 2000, poses health hazards to citizens.

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