Delay in supply of grains to government ration shops

Published on October 5, 2019 by

The delay in grains supply to ration shops is causing inconvenience to the consumers.

Government ration shops are not receiving grain supplies on time. This delay in supply is forcing people to buy grains from private stores where the prices are high. Since the major beneficiaries of the ration system come from below poverty line, they find it very difficult to buy their monthly supply of grains at heightened commercial costs.

Mrs. Lakshmi, a BPL Card Holder said, “We are not getting grains on time. Government should send grains to shops on time. As we are daily wage workers, we cannot afford to buy cereals and grains from private shops.”

The shopkeepers say that they are not informed of the delay in advance. This confusion makes the consumers miss the distribution dates and they have to depend on what is left of the old stock at the ration shop.

Mrs. Girija Devi, Deputy Director, Public Distribution Service said, “We have issued strict orders that grains must be delivered to the shops within the 10thday of every month. I think there might be a delay, I will send the food inspector to location and review it.”

Ms. VarshiniSreenivas, Agri-Business Management Analysist at GKVK said, “Low storage space, natural calamities or price impact can be the reason for the delay. Government purchases grains for one price and when there is a shortage, the price varies. Thus, the government has to supply grains on subsidy during these times.”

The consumers request that the government take action to provide the grains on time.

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