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Published on April 11, 2019 by

Decrease in the number of Non-fatal accidents

Data provided by the Bengaluru traffic police shows that the number of non-fatal accidents has decreased by 41.49 per cent over three years.

Asst. Commissioner of Traffic Police, Bengaluru says that “The records show that there has been a decrease in the number of accidents, so it shows that the people of Bangalore are keeping their safety in mind and following traffic rules. This is a positive sign. Though there are a few people who still break the rules.”

There have been 585 cases of non-fatal accidents this year till now in the city. Pedestrian and commuters believe that awareness will keep people on roads safe and secure.

Vishnu, a commuter said, “I travel more than 40 kilometres in a day. I always wear a helmet and never went above 50 Kilometer per hour speed in the city. I usually prefer going slower as I love my life and my family.”

“Nowadays, I see most of the people following the rules. We, as pedestrians, walk carefully to avoid any such incident which can cause any serious harm,” said Ashok N, a pedestrian.

Experts said that people should follow traffic rules more wisely to keep themselves and others safe.

M.N. Shreehari, a Traffic expert, says “Accidents will decrease more if people start following traffic rules. Now they have decreased because the speed at which people drive the vehicle has decreased.  There is no awareness. People are just afraid of policemen.”

Experts also said that there should be an increase in the number of fines collected as that would make people stay more alert.



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