Due to pollution in Falgu River, water is unfit for drinking in Gaya

Published on December 10, 2020 by

Residents are worried about the quality of drinking water in Gaya. The lack of STP in the city makes the situation worse.

Gaya: The increase in pollution in Falgu River has impacted residents of Gaya. According to a water testing report by Public Health Engineering Department (PHED), there is high fluoride content in water. The level of fluoride content is more than 1.5 mg/litre which can increase the chances of dental fluorosis among consumers.

“We are not getting clean water since the Falgu River is polluted. The government should watch clearly to see what’s happening since people are very much affected,” said Abdul Aleem, a resident of Gaya.

Bihar State Pollution Control Board (BSPCB) said garbage from Municipal Corporation and drainage that flows into the river are two main sources of pollution.

Shailendra Kumar Sinha, Assistant Engineer (Sanitation in-charge) from Gaya Municipal Corporation said, “Earlier Municipal waste used to get disposed of in the river but now we have stopped it. We have already sent the plan for treating the pollution but due to financial issues, we couldn’t proceed. Now, the Chief Justice of the High Court is monitoring the Sewage Treatment Plant. As soon as the court gives a positive response, we will start working on it.”

The estimated budget of the Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) is Rs. 370 crore.

Rajesh Kumar Ranjan, an environmentalist, said, “The Municipal Corporation should stop dumping solid waste into the river. And the government should set up Sewage Treatment Plant in the city.”

Municipal Corporation and residents of Gaya, both, are waiting for the Sewage Treatment Plant in the city.

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