Friend or Foe?

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A 20-year-old student was stabbed to death at Nandini Layout.

By Shivani Mishra| Bangalore| Nov 21, 2019, 14.35 PM IST      

Last evening Uma Maheshwar was stabbed to death at Nandini Layout. He was bought to Narayana Super Specialty hospital. The deceased was 20 years old and was a BBA student studying from MES College Institute of management.  He was alone while the stabbing happened. The Police believe the act was done by four people who were his friends. The Police have detained three people to ask questions but no one is arrested yet.


BN Lohith, Police Inspector in Nandini layout police station, said, “The complaint was lodged by 8-8:30 pm by the deceased father. The incident took place around 500-700m away from the police station outside Mayura bakery and sweets.”


Dr. Pradhan, a Senior doctor at Narayana Super specialty hospital, said, “Before being shifted to this hospital he was taken to some other hospital. About the stabbing. He was stabbed at four main vessels. He was hit in four places. We see the ruptures are repaired for which firstly we induced six bottles of blood. After the surgery, we made his heartbeat under control, he had normal BP and there was no complication but at 5.30 in the morning he died. After which by 12 pm his body was shifted to the MS Ramaiah Memorial Hospital for the post-mortem.”


Gopal Raju, father of the deceased was in sorrow, waiting at the MS Ramaiah Memorial Hospital for the post-mortem. He said, “No doctors are there for doing the post-mortem, I’m all alone.”


The case is still ongoing and police are still investigating the case.


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