Higher work pressure leads to less sleep for youth in the city

Published on February 5, 2019 by

Experts say using mobiles, computers or other devices leads to Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome.


Youth across the city is sleeping less which is affecting their health and work productivity. A report by Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences says, 67 percent youngsters of the city are facing sleep-deprived nights. Hectic work schedules and more on-screen time is what is keeping people awake. “I work in an Australian bank and my timings are very irregular. The most challenging and crucial part of my work life is my sleep cycle. There are days when I get no sleep. There are days when I get to sleep for only two or three hours. Also, there are days when I fall sick due to no sleep,” said Supriya B, a banker.

Experts say that the problem of sleep deprivation starts with adolescence and further increases with age. Adolescents tend to stay awake till late night to use mobiles or laptops and this disturbs their sleep cycle. “By the time classes end, it’s already 5:30. And by the time we finish the after classes work, its 11-11:30 PM. After that, if I want to do something that I like, reading a book or watching a series or anything, I end up staying up till morning and this eventually turns into a messed up sleeping pattern,” said Aditya, an engineering student.

Experts say using mobiles, computers or other devices leads to Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome (OSAS). This further leads to blood pressure and obesity. “We always sleep according to the dark and light, i.e. according to the circadian rhythms but when you see too much of bright light or blue light, eyes and brain do not get signal properly. That will mess up with the day and night schedule or light and dark schedule, so sleep will get disturbed,” said Dr. Roopesh, Assistant professor, Department of Clinical Psychology, NIMHANS.

Irregular work shifts, working in different time zone and high on-screen time in the major cause of sleep deprivation. Many patients say, it feels like having jet lag 24*7.


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