Home chefs deliver healthy food to COVID patients

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Home chefs deliver healthy food to COVID patients

Experts say healthy and balanced diet is a key to faster recovery and better immunity

Pune:  Many home chefs in Pune deliver free meals to COVID patients. ‘Covid meal for India’ an online portal which provide meals for patients have more than 190 registered volunteers in the city and more than 3000 in India.

Ms. Rama Ithape a home chef  who is delivers meals to COVID patients says “ I saw in my society that many  people who have tested positive is suffering to get good food . Many of them who were under home quarantine struggled to find an alternative for cooks.  That is when I decided to cook food and deliver it to people” I was always found of cooking and I like cooking and feeding people, she added.

Volunteers say they provide free food as they feel this is one of the things they can do to help the society in such a condition. They said they use their savings and income to provide meals.

Abhinav.N a COVID patient said that he stays alone and he had his maid who made food for him but after testing positive, she stopped coming.  It is through one of his friends that he came to know about such a service. I’m now relieved, he added.

Patients say they love the customized food the volunteers cook and the service they provide by delivering it to their doorsteps through swiggy, dunzo or by themselves.

Experts say eating healthy food is necessary. Ms. Shweta Shah a nutritionist said” “During this time, eating home cooked food and completely avoiding outside or junk food is very necessary for good immunity”

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