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People dumping garbage in the open areas and streets of Bangalore is been emerging as a serious concern.

Bangalore: Despite of strict rules, regulations and penalties imposed by the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP), the people continue to dump garbage in the open areas and streets in Bangalore. Also Bangalore collects 799-800 tonnes of solid waste everyday from the streets.

Although a vehicle comes door-to-door to collect garbage but irrespective of this people continue to dump solid wastes in the open spaces. At the same time the data also shows that the city’s garbage production has nearly doubled since the last five years.

Dr. A.S.Balasundar, the Chief officer of the Solid Waste Department of B.B.M.P. says, ”The people they dump garbage whenever they feel like and they dump it whenever no one is watching them. We have put Marshals across the city to keep an eye on the citizens. At the same time it is also the duty of each and every citizen of Bangalore to keep their city clean as it is difficult for us to monitor. We collect nearly 799-800 tonnes of solid waste per day thus we need to increase the optimum level of 2000.”

We also see that as the production of garbage is being increasing exponentially in the city, it has also become the breeding ground for the mosquitoes and other such insects causing various forms of diseases.

Shreya Mittal, a student says, ”The door to door vehicle service comes but still irrespective of this people just forget to throw there and later on they dump the garbage on the open streets as a result we tend to face lots of problems because of this. Also vehicle parking has become hard because of the dumping up of solid waste across the city.”

Thus the beautiful city of Bangalore is becoming more prone to garbage and the solid waste disposal which in turn is affecting the scenic beauty of the city.

Amir Hussain, another student by profession said,”I stay in Lingarajapuram and in our locality the condition is also the same. Basically illegal dumping up of solid wastes is because of the mindset and narrow mentality of the people. Also I think unavailability of the garbage bins is another factor which contributes to people dumping it in the streets.”

Thus experts say that dumping of solid waste and garbage is a serious issue for which permanent steps should be taken soon. Garbage bins should be set up in huge numbers in various parts of the city to ensure the proper disposal of garbage.

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