Incomplete Dommasandra Flyover

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Work Restarted for the Dommasandra Flyover
An incomplete flyover in Dommasandra is now said to be complete in another 3 to 4

Work has now been restarted for an incomplete flyover in Dommasandra, which has
been lying dormant for over three years. The Dommasandra Flyover was supposed to
be completed in 2022, and the total cost for the flyover is Rs. 65.17 crores.

According to Ramalinga Reddy, the Assistant Engineer of the Karnataka Road
Development Corporation Limited (KRDCL), “the land acquisition process is the main
reason for the incomplete flyover.”
The KRDCL says, “The land acquisition process is being completed, as it is now in the
last stage. This means that land is being acquired from private owners, who will get a fair
price for their land. Dommasandra flyover is not the only incomplete project.”
“This flyover is a grade separator, which will be part of a bigger package that extends
from Tally junction, Dommasandra, Varthur to Kadugodi. This total project is said to cost
around Rs. 134 crores.”

Residents are also facing issues, wherein they are getting stuck in traffic jams, and
commuters are changing their routes to avoid this stretch. The service road is completely
blocked off.
According to Bhargavi Rao, a resident of Sarjapura, “The amount of time it takes to
cross that stretch every day has increased by 20 to 30 minutes. There are days when
vehicles have blocked over four kilometres until Sarjapura Circle, and we have had to
turn back to find alternative routes that are longer.”

Experts say that hindrances to public life are inevitable with roadwork, but propose
project management solutions to help reduce the impact on commuters.
According to Bhanu Palla, an Urban Traffic/Transportation Expert, “Any type of roadwork
comes with hindrances. The goal is to guide the traffic as comfortably as possible. There
are specific codes to guide traffic. The most optimal solution would be to look at the
project management. The land acquisition process can be fast-tracked with

Experts say that a participatory system is very critical in identifying different ailments
caused by different roadwork. The residents of Sarjapura and Dommasandra hope that
this flyover will be completed soon, as commuting in this area will become simpler and
faster once again.


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