Increase in Women’s BMI: More fluctuations in their thyroid levels

Published on May 7, 2021 by

Covid-19 infections have also increased the thyroid problems by seven percent, said a study, which implied the affects of the corona virus on thyroid glands.”

Bangalore: Lockdown had huge implications on women suffering from hypo-thyroidism. The reduction in women’s physical activities did not only increase their body mass index but also led to an increase in their thyroid levels by 20 percent, said Dr Ganapathi an endocrinologist.

The National family health survey of 2019-2020, has shown a fall in the number of women who had their body mass index below normal, which shows a higher probability in increase of hypo-thyroidism among women.

According to Kavita Sharma, a homemaker, “There has been an increase in my levels of thyroid. I had a weight gain by 15 kg along with sleeplessness.”

According to a nutritionist, Dr Ayesha Rehman, “Every one in five women have gained weight, pertaining to the lockdown. As women were working from home, there was no consistency in their lifestyle. They had to take care of the household which did interrupt in their fitness plan, leading to those fluctuations.

Iodine consumption also plays a major role in thyroid disorders. Thyroid can occur from both excess and deficiency of it. If one maintains weight and has a proper balanced diet, it can reduce the fluctuations.

According to an endocrinologist, Dr Mahesh DM, “Covid-19 infections have also increased the thyroid problems by seven percent, said a study that implied the affects of the coronavirus on thyroid glands.”

Women in general should seek professional help; instead of following a diet, as dieting is not only responsible for a decrease in the multi nutrients but also affects the immune system, says Dr Ayesha Ahmed.

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