Increasing pollution in Mula-mutha, PMC started 2 new projects

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2 new sewage treatment plants started by PMC to treat the Mula- Mutha river pollution

Environmentalists say water scarcity and river pollution has increased. If the situation continues like this it will be difficult for future generations to see the river in water body form.


Pune– In a progressive city like Pune, we have only 40-50 percent sewage treatment capacity. The other 50 percent is getting dumped into the river without treatment. The chronic problem has dimensions such as – raw and untreated sewage into the river, domestic pollution, solid and industrial waste, religious offering and bio-medical discharge into the Mula-Mutha river, says Environmentalists.


Amit Wadekar of Vanarai Foundation said “We will not find even a percent of marine life in Mula-Mutha from a few years because of increasing pollution. We can see that drainage water is disposed of in the river and small streams which come and meet the river are greyish in color. Because of which more than a river it looks like drainage. PMC told about different projects and plans to prevent pollution, like in 2016 ,JICA project was signed and it’s 2020 still we can’t see any progress.”

According to the report “Real-Time water quality monitoring system for rivers by FC College” – Many researchers supported the fact that water quality parameters of river Mula before entering Pune city was well within the acceptable limits but subsequently deteriorated on its progress into the city.

The present investigation indicated that the concentration of dissolved oxygen (DO) fluctuated between 3-4.5 mg/l. The overall water quality indexes of the samples were found to be in the range 100 to 115 which indicated poor quality water and the presence of pollution.”


Monitoring locations of Mula, Mutha Rivers

Loc. No. Location Name River (Downstream) Pollution sources
1 Sri Vrudheswar Siddheshwar

Ghat, Deccan

Mutha River Domestic sewage and other human activities
2 Rukmini Vittal Mandir,


Mula River Domestic waste and human activities.
3 Shree Dyaneshwar Maharaj

Visarjan Ghat

Mula River Discharge from the Ammunition factory
4 Sangham Ghat Mula-Mutha Domestic sewage, Ganapati immersion, and human activities



PMC officials said “ To treat the sewage PMC has come up with a project called JICA. It’s under NRCD and the total cost is around Rs 900 Crore. In this project we are proposed to treat 394 MLD of sewage. As of now, out of the 11 envisaged new sewage treatment plants , two projects have already started and remaining will be taken up soon . So we proposed to do 100 percent sewage treatment within a couple of years.”


Environmentalist Manish Ghorpade, Jeevit Nadi Foundation said “Our concept of modernity is related to more chemical usage. People’s awareness is required, instead of using chemical products naturally. Like, use shikakai as shampoo instead of the chemical one. Government will do their work but even the citizens should be aware about their own duties. Individual actions play a major role.”

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