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Bangalore reported about 1.35 lakhs extramarital affairs last year.

Bangalore sees a rise in extramarital affairs leading to an increase in divorce cases.
Around 4000 divorce cases are registered every year in Bangalore. According to a research
by Ramachandrappa S of Bangalore University, 300 out of every 1000 married couples seek
Divorce Lawyer, Vishwanath MS, says, “Settlements are the major solution in such cases.
Around 15-30% of cases registered are due to extramarital affairs.”
Technology has made it easier for the people to look for companionship outside marriage.
Women who have their husbands working 9-5 are more prone to using dating apps.
Ruqsaar Sumran who uses dating app herself says, “People get bored very easily these days
from their partners and therefore look for companionship outside marriage.”
Bangalore reported about 1.35 lakhs extramarital affairs last year. Out of which around 43000
were women, earning city first position in number of women having extramarital affairs
followed by Mumbai and Kolkata.
“A lot of couples stay back together because of society or because of children. But
extramarital affairs destroy the trust which takes a lot of counselling to rebuild.” Said Geeta
Apachu, Marriage Counsellor.
Bangalore is known as IT Capital but now has earned title of ‘Divorce Capital’ and ‘Infidelity
Capital’ which is alarming. Work and lifestyle have made Bangalore famous for all the
wrong reasons.

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