Jumping of Traffic Signals in the city

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There is an increase in traffic violation cases from 2018 to 2019 because of jumping of traffic signals.
Reported by Shreyas Vange
Friday, November 22, 2019, Bangalore
Bangalore: The number of cases due to jumping of traffic signals has gone up by almost 3 lakh from 2018 to 2019.
According to Omkar. K, a student, “Sometimes I have to jump traffic signals because I get late for my work and no one is there to stop me”.
According to Kavitha. K, ACP Traffic and Planning, Traffic Management Centre, “People should also take care and follow this rule. We have started collecting fines. Whenever we see someone breaking a traffic signal, we do not spare the person. A person must value his or her life.
According to a report by The Economic Times, 6.37 lakh cases of jumping of traffic signals had been registered. However, in 2019, according to the Bangalore Traffic Police data, more than 9 lakh 30 thousand cases of jumping of traffic signals have been registered.
According to M N Sreehari, a traffic adviser and consultant, “Driver behavior is very important. This is common in urban areas than rural because of the urgency and carelessness. Imposing fine is the only solution because then only people will value the rules. Now that the fines have been relaxed, people do not even bother to break the traffic rules again and again”.
The ACP of Traffic Management Centre also says that awareness is being created throughout the city.

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