Movie industry is in trouble due to piracy

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Piracy is causing heavy monetary loss to the Indian movie industry.

In Bengaluru, the illegal business of pirated CDs and DVDs is at its peak. Many vendors sell these pirated CDs and DVDs at cheaper rates.

The illegal business of piracy is causing the Indian movie industry (Sandalwood, Bollywood, Bhojpuri industry, etc.). Many dealers in the city download the movie from an online platform and circulate it.

N.M. Suresh, Hon. Secretory of Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce says, “Sandalwood industry is very small in comparison to other industries like Bollywood, Bhojpuri, etc. Movie producers are facing huge loss due to piracy.

There are some other internet mediums like torrent, wap sites, etc. which openly violate the copyright acts. These mediums have no legal rights of such movies. According to FICCI ( Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce) each year Indian movie industry faces a loss of 2.5 billion dollars. Producers and distributors of movies are the one who faces maximum loss in the illegal business of piracy.

Laxman, a CD seller near national college metro station, said, “I don’t know what piracy is. I’m selling the CDs and DVDs from the last 15 years. I purchase these CDs and DVDs from local dealers.”

In 2019 Government made some amendments on 1952 cinematograph act by which  there would be  3 years of imprisonment and a fine of rupee 10 lakhs for the violators.

  1. Narayan, a notable Kannada movie director says,” There are some people who have good knowledge about technology, especially youth. Some people misuse them.These people are unaware of the damages being faced by the industry due to privacy. So educating them is our responsibility.”

The Indian government is taking many steps like strengthening the piracy law, blocking to illegal websites, etc. The Indian movie industry has welcomed the amendments of 1952 cinematograph act.

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