Mushroom business flourishes in the city

Published on March 19, 2019 by

Demand for mushroom spawns in the city rise exponentially

Spawn producers say that the demand for mushroom spawns have gone up from 40 kilograms per month to 10 tons per months within 2 years.

Keerthy S, Mushroom farmer said, “First-time investment takes some money. After that, if you spend 10,000, you will get returns up to 2 to 3 lakhs. Yield and profit depend on how you maintain the crop.”

Science farmers, a mushroom company, produce Oyster, Milky and Button mushroom spawns. Seeds cost Rs 70 per Kg. They supply mushroom directly to farmers and to retail shops.

Sathish D, Founder, Science Farmers lab said, “Mushroom farming in India is in the initial stage. Compare other countries like China and European countries; India has very less mushroom production. We have demand up to 10 tons in South India. As of now, we are able to supply 6 tons per month.”

These mushrooms cost around Rs 350 per kg in the market. Farmers sell their mushrooms to vegetable shops and marts directly.

Dr. R. P. Tiwari, Ex-director of IIHR (Indian Institute of Horticultural Research) said, “Mushroom cultivation requires more caring and monitoring than most of the other farming. Farmers are recently started growing mushrooms in controlled conditions. The market for mushrooms is blooming.”

As of now only Science farmers, Dr. Tiwari’s labs and IIHR supplies mushroom spawn. They supply around 12 tons of mushroom spawns per month.


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