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Indian Music Experience is India’s first interactive music museum, is a music hub providing visitors unique insights into India’s rich culture.

Indian Music Experience (IME) which is not only India’s but Asia’s first and one of its kind music museum has now offered a conventional structured diploma programme in music.

The Founder of the museum Mansi Prasad opined that, “The idea of the museum is that, it is a place where people can experience different genres of music and on the other hand we are giving importance to education as a core focus.” She added that,“All this while we were offering after school classes in Indian and Western music. But now we are structuring a complete diploma programme which is a curriculum based learning module which will have an ongoing evaluation, assignment’s, workshops and many more. It will be neatly structured.”

Located in JP Nagar, IME has its own learning center in its premises. It has more than 125 students learning music starting from the age of six.

Gaythri Ananthwho sends her children to the learning center said that, “My son was one of the first students to enroll, we did it when he was just about five years old. It has been a three years journey with IME and it has been very satisfying. They are very professionally done and are very reasonably priced. My son learns rhythmaya . There are western instruments here, they teach Hindustani and Karnatic classical, Bharatanatyam and many more. Every year children perform in front of the dignitaries and founders and it gives them a good opportunity to showcase their talent and my son is one of them. We have seen how the museum is growing and the interest that the children get and the exposure that the children get in various music experiences. They have workshops every month and professionals coming in.”

The museum is also associated with Grammys. It is a network of music museum and music universities from the US and other places. It is a programme spearheaded by the Grammy’s with a vision that all these music institutions will collaborate with each other on educational programmes and running exhibitions.

Apart from coming up with a full time music course, it has a lot many volunteers who are signing up as guides for the visitors who can guide children, senior citizens through the museum

TejashviReerathi a partner consultant with IME shared that, “My organization handles the volunteered programme.  Initially we had seven to eight volunteers. But this time we have divided into three batches one which will be for covering events, second are guides to tour the museum around and third will be backend. We had 78 applicants this time to which we have to fill it up. The way we approach volunteers is I would say is pretty structured. We have around 43 or 48 volunteers.”



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