No functional e-toilets for the public in the city

Published on November 25, 2019 by

The e-toilets in the city are in bad condition and most of them do not function.

There are 169 e-toilets in the city. Most of the e-toilets are not functioning properly. The BBMP takes care of the e- toilets in the city. The users can pay Rs.1, Rs.2 and Rs.5 to open the doors of the e-toilets.  “These toilets never work. We come here to use it and always find it in a bad state, No officials also come to make it proper”, said Mr. Kamal Seik, labour.

There are no caretakers for these toilets and most of the times the doors do not open even after inserting the coin. Most of the e-toilets in the city face problems like blocked commodes, broken doors and scarcity of the water. “After the installation and the tender given for it, it still has not been renewed. We also propose to map them on Google maps so that our engineers are aware to go check the e-toilets. We will make it available to the public and have a dedicated portal for complaints”, Mr Randeep Singh, Special Commissioner BBMP.

Apart from the maintenance of the e-toilets, other cleaning toiletries like soaps, tissues etc can be taken care off. The area surrounding the e-toilets is filthy and has a strong stench of urine. “Public toilets are important for a clean environment. The authorities do not maintain the public facilities. Many are used as garbage dumps. The maintenance of these e-toilets should be done and made free”, Srinivas K, Urban Planner.

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