Political Parties look to cash in Lok sabha Elections with innovative ideas

Published on March 21, 2019 by

Political parties are coming up with new strategies to woo voters in Lok Sabha elections.

This election season, photos of Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandi and other prominent political leaders can be found on various merchandises key chains, kites, lockets, stickers, and much more merchandise. This is a new method of the election campaign by political parties to attract voters.

Election commission of India has limited the amount of expenditure for this election, and therefore our young volunteers have come up with these ideas.

“We use social media as a platform to promote the party. It’s only an initiative by people who make key chains of Mr. Rahul Gandhi to support our part,” said Suresh, Media Incharge, JDS

“This time you must have seen a lot of new promotional things in Lok Sabha elections. And that’s because of the popularity of leaders. We have not come up these initiatives but these Kites, key chains, lockets etc. are an outcome of people faith in national leaders.  People are connected with these leaders and want to support them in their campaigns”, Mrs. Shreelata Bhardwaj, Media Co-in charge, Bhartiya Janta Party, Karnataka told The City Cast.

With this Lok Sabha election being considered as one of the most important elections, we will have to see if these new innovative ideas will make any difference.”


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