Polluted lake kills animals

Published on February 8, 2019 by

Due to the highly polluted  water of Byramangala lake, people living around it are losing crops and animals.

Polluted byramangala lake has caused the death of many animals and villagers in North Bangalore are facing crop losses as the water they use from this lake is contaminated.

Manjula is a resident of Bannigiri told  “here animal husbandry is main source of income for most of us. We are facing loss. Our cows and goats die, or they get some kind of allergies. I had three cows, one of them died last year because she got some kind of infection.” Villagers use the lake water for irrigation and their cattle drink the same water. The cattle especially the cows often  fall ill. Avinash, resident of Chowkahalli said “Our animals are suffering from skin allergies, stomach infections and various other diseases. Our cattle are dying.”

They have to call the doctor from Byramangala. And pay for his transport. Most vaccine for the cattle are free but they have to buy a few which are not available with the vet. Dr. Mahadev, veterinarian said, “The most common problem I have seen from last four months is are diarrhoea, and fascioliasis which is kind of  a flu disease. Most of them let their cows enter inside the lake and direct contact with the water causes skin allergies. Every month I see around 15-20 cows, goats and other kinds of cattle who have various kinds of allergies or infections..”

The authorities of the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board says they will check the lake and will see if there are any pollutants in the lake. Mr. A E Ramesh of Karnataka State Pollution Control Board(KSPCB) said, “The board will monitor the lake and if there is any issue the board will take action.”

The animals consume that polluted water and when someone  drinks their milk or eat their meat that enters inside in our body as well says environmentalist Dr. Yellappa Reddy, he also said “The entire Byramangala lake is loaded with lots of toxic substances. The government is not interested because they are interested in promoting industries.  But they don’t see that livelihood of hundreds of people and health is snatched by few industries.”

The villagers are at huge loss in animal husbandry as their cattle health is decreasing day by day.



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