Prakash Raj to release his manifesto

Published on April 11, 2019 by

He talks about the non-sustainable budgets by the governments

Prakash Raj is an independent candidate from the Bangalore Central constituency. He is contesting as an independent candidate as he seeks no support from any other party. He addressed the media stating his ideologies

Prakash Raj in the press conference said “I was to release my manifesto today, but as I wanted to address the media, I will be releasing the manifesto by tomorrow.”

When asked about the budgets about the central and state government, he said “both central and state government budgets aren’t helpful for the people. Since independence, the focus has been on defence, it doesn’t focus on sustainability. The focus isn’t on health, education. The budgets by both the governments aren’t visionary.” He also says “I want to work for the people and their welfare.

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