Prevalence of normal crackers across Karnataka

Published on November 13, 2023 by

Traditional Crackers Prevail Despite Ban

The discrepancy between regulation and practice remains a significant concern, undermining the state’s efforts toward a more environmentally conscious celebration.

Bangalore- The state still grapples with the prevalence of traditional crackers, posing a challenge to the envisioned environmentally conscious festivities. In the face of a ban, Karnataka had permitted only ‘green’ crackers, aiming for eco-friendly celebrations. Despite the clear directives to use only eco-friendly ‘green’ crackers during the festive season, Karnataka finds itself contending with the widespread usage of traditional crackers.

The government’s mandate to promote and exclusively allow green crackers was designed to curb environmental hazards, aiming to reduce air and noise pollution during festivals. Unfortunately, the implementation of these guidelines seems to have fallen short in curtailing the usage of conventional firecrackers across the state.

The cost disparity between green crackers and traditional ones poses a significant challenge, influencing buyers’ decisions during festive seasons. Green crackers, which adhere to eco-friendly norms and emit fewer pollutants, are manufactured using more expensive raw materials and advanced technology, contributing to their higher price. In contrast, conventional crackers, although more harmful to the environment, are often more affordable due to the utilization of cheaper raw materials and older, less environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. “There is no awareness about the green crackers among people so naturally they buy normal crackers, also green crackers are costly than normal crackers that’s why we prefer them,” said Sagar Vaidwan a local buyer.

The need for stricter enforcement measures and heightened public awareness remains crucial in addressing this issue. Government agencies, environmental activists, and law enforcement are intensifying efforts to ensure compliance with the ban and advocate for the use of environmentally friendly alternatives. But it can be seen that there are many vendors who are selling normal crackers also. “We keep both the crackers but demand for normal crackers are still more than green crackers and the sale of normal crackers are 50 percent to 60 percent more than green crackers,” said Girish Babu, a local firework vendor.

The conflict between regulations and their execution raises questions about the efficacy of the measures put in place and the necessity for more robust strategies to drive compliance. While the shift toward ‘green’ crackers was a positive initiative, its success hinges upon stringent implementation and public cooperation.

As Karnataka grapples with this predicament, there’s an urgent call for unified action, emphasizing the significance of adhering to the ban on traditional crackers and embracing eco-conscious choices to safeguard the environment and public well-being.

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