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The Department Of Horticulture had banned the use of professional cameras at Cubbon Park in April, 2018. But, a year later, camera enthusiasts are still using DSLRs for their photo shoots.

By – Priyansh Verma, IIJNM

Bangalore 29th August 2019: The lush green scenic ambience of Cubbon Park makes it the favourite place in Bangalore for Professional/DSLR camera enthusiasts. But the Department Of Horticulture had imposed the ban on DSLRs last year, because DSLRs are harmful for the park’s ecosystem, for birds and its flora and fauna.

Smt. Kusuma G., Dy. Director of Horticulture, Cubbon Park said, “the park comes under Preservation Act, and there will be a lot of damage to the bird and even the ecosystem will be damaged, with the radiations. So that’s why we’re not allowing.”

However, there are many photographers who visit the park and do their photo-shoots with their DSLRs, everyday.

Daksheshwar Reddy, a regular visitor at Cubbon Park, says, “There are many people, who are using the camera. From the time, I entered the park, I am able to see many photographers, doing photo-shoots. Weekends are the time, when I see most of these photographers.”

Kusuma G. said, “We are controlling the photographers, but in the future, there will be strict actions taken against offenders. I have informed all the security guards. Various television and film makers had come to seek permission for their photo-shoot, but we didn’t allow. In two weeks, 60 CCTV cameras will be further installed inside the park, which will help in facial recognition of the offenders.”

Environmentalists don’t support the ban

Suresh Heblikar, filmmaker and founder of ECO-Watch doesn’t agree with the Horticulture Department’s reason of bird safety and ecosystem conservation, for the ban. “What will happen, if people are using the cameras? How is it going to affect the ecosystem? Sometimes we become very extreme in our views. There are so many people in the world who take the picture of birds, how is going to affect the bird.” On the ban, he said, “I don’t agree with the ban, because, how will the world come to know about the diversity of the park, if pictures are not taken. That’s what cameras are meant for.”

Although, the Horticulture Department has said that they will ensure taking strict steps to enforce the ban. But is the ban justified itself, first?

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