Ramanagara residents face acute water supply

Published on April 12, 2019 by

Residents of Ramanagara are buying water every week by paying 75 per cent extra than that charged by the municipal corporation of Ramanagara.

Every week, residents of Ramnagara pay 75 per cent extra amount to private water tankers to buy water. The amount charged by

The amount charged by the private water tankers vary from contractor to contractor.

Shadab Khan, a resident said, “We get water for drinking and household activities once in a week. We are facing problem due to the shortage of water supply, so to manage this we buy water by paying Rs 600-Rs 1000 per week by private water tankers. The municipal corporation is providing water to us once in a week for Rs 280 per month. Tanker owners are hiking the price of water due to the shortage of water.”

The municipal corporation of Ramanagara provides water from BWSSB (Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board) and some extent of water comes from the Cauvery River.

“Some parts of the town are not getting water. We provide water to the city once a week due to the acute water shortage. A town needs 20 MLD water every day but now we provide 11 MLD, including 2 MLD from bore wells water, every day. There are 272 bore wells across the city but only 109 are in proper condition due to this summer groundwater depletion on the rise,” said Anil Gauda, Chief Officer of the Municipal Corporation. “Another problem is power. We have three pumps that provide water to the city. If power is not there, for one pump also residents will face problems of water shortage.  Recently, cable of one pump burned so we had to stop water supply. We provide water through tankers. Today we will rectify it. Right now, the municipal corporation is implementing new program of 24/7 water supply and it is in under process.  24/7 supply is an ongoing project of the Karnataka Government. It is a tender process. Tender is about two and a half years. It costs about 456 crore rupees and willprovide 24/7 water up to the year 2052. It will provide 55 MLD per day,” he added.

Ruhina, an environmentalist said,” Government is coming up with a lot of programs but the implementation is needed. Implementation is not done properly by the government. To deal with the water crisis it is required combine effort of government officers, citizens, and politicians.”


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