Residents of Bangalore rural hope to get their issues resolved

Published on April 12, 2019 by

A week before the elections, voters from Bangalore rural constituency expresses their grievances that have not been addressed for years.

The main matter of concern for the older aged voters is safety; they wish to not live in fear anymore.

Srinivas. R, a resident at Rajarajeshwari Nagar, said, “Here, safety has to be ensured as there is an increase in the number of people, thefts and other crimes. People move around in fear. We also see, yesterday in front of the temple there were 1000 people and not a single police inspector was there.”

Shopkeepers have been facing business loss as the roads on which their shops are located are in a bad condition.

Lokesh.R.J, a shopkeeper, said, “Customers do not come because of the smell of the drainage and there is no parking space also available because of the water that overflows on the road.”

Some of the people living in the rural areas express their concerns that haven’t been met since a long time.

Krishnappa, a farmer, said, “We have drainage problems. The water doesn’t flow and it clogs up the drains. Even drinking water is sometimes a problem here. The BJP has never done any work here at all.”

There are 15 contestants standing in this constituency.

While, D.K Suresh from the JDS-Congress coalition has started his campaign in the areas, Ashwath Narayan from the BJP has not begun his campaign yet.

The BJP spokes person disagrees and says it’s the Congress who needs to work.

Smriti Hartis, a BJP spokesperson, said, “It’s the Congress who hasn’t done any work. Tell then to vote Congress out of power and we will fix everything for them.”



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