Safety Pandemic- Wear A Mask Please

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Buyers are busy purchasing vegetables.

The Local Market is fully Congested and Over crowded as a result the Vegetable Vendors are having a tough time during this Pandemic.

Digboi, Assam: The Vegetable Vendors of Digboi, Assam are finding it tough to deal with this Covid pandemic. The Covid-19 crisis has hit them hard. No proper Social Distancing is also being made and on top of that the Buyers are not following any protocols which has been laid down for Covid-19 pandemic.

People not wearing mask in this Covid pandemic.

“The Customers who come at our shops do not wear masks and also do not  follow the Basic Norms For Covid and as a result because of them our lives are also at stake. Our family members are also having the risk to get infected with Covid because of us,” Nikhil Singh who is a vegetable vendor by profession said.

Another Vegetable Vendor, Rajiv Dutta said,” The people including everyone should follow the basic safety precautions and everyone should wear the masks.”

Also the health experts and doctors are also very much concerned thinking about the situation. Doctor Ajoy Debroy, who is a M.B.B.S. in Medicine said,”while interacting to others, they just simply bring down their mask which makes them more prone to the pandemic and in this manner, the new cases are cropping up day by day. Also people doesn’t even maintain 2-3 inches of social distancing norms thus making the mockery of these rules.”

Thus the pandemic has almost put the life on hold and people are still trying to cope up with the situation. Hence the basic norms and social distancing should be followed to lessen the spread of the pandemic.

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