Sewage water overflows in slum

Published on November 13, 2023 by

Overflowing manhole at Raj Gopal Garden Slum Area
Raj Gopal Garden slum dwellers have to survive in filthy living conditions as the sewage water from the
manholes are overflowing, making life difficult for the slum dwellers.
Priyanka Saharia
Nov 13, 2023
Dwellers of the Raj Gopal Garden slum, J. C Road is living under unsanitary conditions as the sewage
water from the manhole has been flowing out and spilling over to the road for a month. The road and the
houses are congested, forcing them to carry out their household chores just in front of the manhole from
which the sewage water overflows.
Bal Krishna, a resident of Raj Gopal Garden said – “The dirty water from the chamber overflows, due to
the stink, we can’t eat food properly. Even our drinking water smells like sewage water. Our children play
here and get affected with diseases like viral fever, dysentery and vomiting, he added.
Though the residents say that they have contacted party workers, they haven’t received any response. So,
they are forced to hire private cleaners to clean the manhole and pay them.
Manju, another resident from Raj Gopal Garden said, “We tried calling the officials but they don’t pick up
our phone, no one is coming here to clean and we and our children are suffering a lot.”
Prahlad, an engineer from Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board said- “There might be a leak in
the sewage tank we need to fix it first, we are looking at the matter and we will solve it.”
Vikram Bhatt, an urban planner said, “There has been a resistant behavior from the service providers. The
civic issues should be attended immediately as it disrupts the human life affecting health and work.”
There should be periodical maintenance whether it’s an open or a close drain, they should not wait for
someone to complain, he added


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