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Entrepreneurs use social media without the need for physical business establishment. Social media has played a major role in helping local entrepreneurs to build a brand and earn more profit. 


Swathi Venkatesh, a student turned entrepreneur, says, ‘We started our page before two years ago and we started it out of passion and love for jewellery making. We also love flaunting jewellery. From the time we started it is going good and it is improved right now.’ 


Entrepreneurs say that they have seen a 20% increase in their sale from 2017 when they started selling their products on social media.


Another entrepreneur, Murali, says that ‘Now social media is playing a crucial role in marketing our products. We believe that we can take good advantage of social media marketing to sell the products. Now we can reach the clients across India and across the world to sell the products.’ 


In a recent survey, WAT Consult observed that people often watch social media stories to get an inside view of products they like and find out about new products that are relevant to them.   


Jeya Kripa, a customer says, ‘I love shopping through Instagram pages to see a wide range of collections. I get all kinds of trendy, classy and also traditional collections. The best part is going with the prices of various items is easy and also the purchase of our favourite item is simple. Tracking becomes calm and even exchange of goods or items are flexible and made easier.’ 


Trade expert, Sajjan Raj Mehta says that ‘Social media has revolutionized the way people communicate and socialize on the web. There is a positive effect on business too. It finally depends on the information and product being shared. If genuine and positive comments of customers are visible, success is at your doorstep, failing which negativity cannot be ruled out too.’ 


Social media has been steadily trying to promote its business potential to attract more clients and consumers willing to use its platform to sell products and help monetize the platform. 

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