Storm water pipes leakage, creating problems to riders

Published on November 6, 2023 by

Riders get stuck in traffic jam under the Bengaluru-Mysore expressway, when it rains.


Bengaluru-Mysore Expressway has water leakages from storm water pipes, which is  pouring onto the roads below. This causes water logging on the roads and traffic jam. Commuters on road or under the bridges say they cannot see the view in front, with the volume of water from the broken pipes.

Sagar Yadav, a commuter said, “When it rains the water leaks from these pipes under the bridges. We see water logging and also people skid and fall from their bikes, due to this. We don’t know when this problem will get solved.”

Such large infrastructure projects are designed to have storm water pipes to that collect water from the top of the expressway and get connected to the storm water drains. This is an eight line highway with a estimated budget of Rs 8,066 crore by National Highway Authority of India(NHAI). Where it was inaugurated by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the month March 2023.

But still there are problems in this road. NHAI says, is going to take a look into this! V P  Brahmankar-Regional officer of NHAI, Bengaluru said,” In case of water ponding or leakage of water from storm water pipes below the flyover. We issue notice to the Contractor through our independent consultants. We also issue penalty or damages according to concessioner act.”

Urban developer says this creates a lot of problems, Vikram Bhat said, ”The best way to handle the water leakages is to ensure a proper storm water management system.” With proper storm water management system, we can solve this problem says Urban Planner.

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