Theft of card information violating consumer’s privacy

Published on November 20, 2019 by

Cases of card information theft during ATM transactions have increased by 262.3% over the last two years in Bangalore. ATM Skimming occurs when a small device known as skimmer that is used to capture the information that is stored on the card’s magnetic  field.


Saurav Kumar,Banker of Northern Trust says,” We have been facing a lot of debit and credit card skimming with our bank and I have two major solutions to give to our customers- one about immediate informing the bank about any kind of unauthorized transaction within 24 hours so that we can take further actions, the other one is about spreading awareness about the partly broken ATM machine that should not be used.”

If fraud is suspected  where the shimmers record the card data to produce a magnetic strip card ,banks can be approached with details of the suspected transaction within 45 days of the incident, says the banker.

Amana Yagnar, Resident says,”  “ Around Rs 150/- got deducted from  my account which I didn’t withdraw from the ATM   and I had complained  it to the bank . It was  nearly within 30 days that I received back my amount.”

It becomes very important to cover the ATM keypad whenever you enter the ATM pin for safe transaction also the guards are placed for security purpose.  Awareness of the transactions is to be made to avoid any kind of scam.

Crime Branch Commissioner,Mr Kuldeep Jain says,” There are many fraudulent entities who will be more eight cyber crime police stations in Bangalore within this week, workload will be divided and henceforth detection of cyber crimes would thus be maintained .”ATM Skimming has become the most common of frauds these days. One has to be alert while withdrawing cash

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