Toxic holi this year

Published on March 19, 2019 by

Sellers of holi colours are facing loss of up to 30% due to low sale of colors this year. Shop keepers say that effects of chemical colours and high price of organic colours led to low sale. The sale of organic colour is less in the market as the prices are high.

“Organic colours cost Rs. 200 for 400 gram and non organic colours are sold at Rs.50 per kilo. There is a huge difference in the price due to which customers don’t prefer buying these colours. There is a 30 percent fall in the sale of both the colours in the market,” says Danesh M shopkeeper.

Use of chemical colours is not easily removable. Experts say that chemical colours do not just create skin problems but also eye infection and breathing issues.

“We don’t buy organic colour as many people come to our place they don’t use organic colour and they place with that ultimately we apply that colour .Moreover prices are also high,” says Narayan, a customer.

Use of chemical colours causes skin problems like irritation, dryness and skin rashes. Doctors say that slowly people are becoming aware of the consequences of playing with chemical colours and are thus are becoming cautious. “This is a story of every year. We get number of cases of skin infection every year. It is not just skin but eyes and sometimes even they swallow some colour. But I believe they are getting aware about the fact that ultimately it creates problem for their own self only,” says Vinod G, a Dermatologist from Bangalore.


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