Toy Libraries in Bangalore see a hike in their subscription

Published on March 12, 2021 by

Toy Libraries are in demand and they have done well even during the last year.

Toy Libraries in Bangalore have reported a hike in their subscriptions during the lockdown. The association for toy libraries called the Children toy Foundation with 105 registered libraries say, on an average their subscriptions have gone up by 40 to 50 percent.

Miss. Neha Jindal who runs a toy and book library called, Unnati book and toy library says, they have suddenly seen an increase in daily subscription from 10 to 30 a day.

The librarians say the demand from Lego board, sand puzzles and wooden blocks have gone up and this is mainly because parents these days prefer educational toys. Dr. Yogini Patil, a parent says, “cost of each toy is around 500 to 600 Rs and the subscriptions only cost 2000 Rs for two months with n number of toys available.” So, renting of toys is feasible in comparison to buying them, she added.

Experts say, parents should not just give educational toys rather they should give toys that their child loves to play with. They say parents these days give a lot of importance to their child’s brain development and therefore they give Montessori based toys.

Ms Shweta Gaikwad who is a Montessori teachers trainer says, “Parents  these  days   are  opting  for  educational  toys  is  mainly  because  they  are  fearing  that  their  child  will  be  left  behind  as  physical  classes  are  also  not  happening. So, they are constantly behind making their child smart.”


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