Water crisis deepens for residents of Pithoragarh

Published on November 12, 2020 by

Illegal usage of booster pumps by some people leaves less water for others

After shutting down the Ghat-pumping scheme, the city was already facing a water shortage. More to which some residents have installed booster pumps (Tullu Pumps) causing unequal water distribution, says Prabha Bhandari, resident of Pithoragarh.

According to the Retired Assistant Meter Inspector of the Water Department (Jal Sansthan). The main problem of these booster pumps is that they fetch most of the water supplied in the main line. Leaving very less water for other houses. “The usage of pumps is illegal and does have consequences but I have seen no penalties against such people.” He said.

Assistant Engineer of Water Department (Jal Sansthan) Pithoragarh said that department works on complaints within one week. In these cases water pumps get seized and penalty is waived against such people. People here do not complain, the department also has an online portal to register complaints so that they can remain anonymous.

People who stay at the top of a  slope require a booster pump. If not, water will not reach to these houses, says Atin Bisht, residence of Pithoragarh. He had installed a booster pump in the main supply line connected to his house.

There is a shortage of water for everyone in the city. The usage of a booster pump is only a temporary solution to this. Meanwhile to regulate the equal distribution the electricity should be shut down when water is supplied in the main line. This used to happen to stop the usage of pumps, when initially one of the major supply schemes shut down.

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