Chinese smartphones need not to worry about their place in the Indian mobile market share

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Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, Realme(owned by Oppo), Redmi(owned by Xiaomi), Samsung(South Korean company) are the people’s choice in India when it comes to buying a smartphone.

Bengaluru: There is no doubting the fact that people love using phones. (An ever evolving generation of gadgets which fits the world into one’s fingers) and it is nothing short of a huge leap when it comes to technology. India is a developing nation and it needs companies from around the world to invest their business in the country. China is one such example with its dominance in the Indian smartphone market. Their companies are leading the market in offline sales as well as in the online segment. Sangeetha Mobiles retailer, Gurukiran N says, “Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, Samsung offer good specifications for the price and are preferred by the people because of their affordability.”

The Indo-China standoff saw a number of Chinese-made apps being banned as a result to ‘counter’ the dependence on China and promote ‘self-reliance’. A trend emerged last year on social media to #BoycottChineseSmartphones which saw a lot of hype around it with ministers of the Central government urging people to stop buying and using smartphones made by the so called ‘enemies’. Micromax, an Indian brand, aimed to hit a jackpot with the situation and decided to make a comeback in the market. It launched three smartphones, however there are no numbers available yet to substantiate their return. People prefer using Chinese smartphones as they are more economical. Sharnu Hundekar, owner of a Vivo Z1 pro said, “It’s an ideal phone for me as the camera quality is good, it doesn’t hang and has all the features which I need for my daily usage.”

Statcounter Globalstats data in April 2021 shows that; Xiaomi leads the market with a 26.85% share in India with Samsung in the second spot at 19.65% and Vivo, Oppo, Realme behind the two respectively. IDC technologies in their 2020 report of Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker said that Samsung was the only non-Chinese smartphone brand among the top five in terms of market value share with 20%, while the Chinese companies had 69% of the total.

Tech experts on YouTube with millions of followers also suggest that the average consumer in India goes out to buy a smartphone which is made by a Chinese company. Indian companies like Micromax take note of their competition and release phones in more volume with better value for money.

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