NHAI demolishes migrant labourers’ shelters

Published on January 17, 2019 by

The demolition drive is due to plans to widen Mysore Road.

BENGALURU: November, 20, 2018

At least 80 families were dislocated after National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) demolished their shelters on the pavement on Mysore Road in front of Raja Rajeshwari Hospital in order to widen the roads. The labourers said that they did not get any notice.

Krishna, a resident said, “We are living here from the past 20 years. Where we will go now in this rain? If they give us some time, we can find ourselves suitable accommodation.”

Mohammad Shah, site supervisor said, “We got the order from NHAI and we have to demolish the houses within 45 meters.”

Officials said that the notices were given to them one month ago.

Shiva Chanappa Naidu, Construction Manager, NHAI, said, “This project was started three months ago, and we provided compensation to all the people whose lands were acquired but we will not provide any compensation to those who possess the land illegally.”

Experts agree that claimants must possess land documents.

Arul Selva, Lawyer and Expert, Alternative Law Forum, said, “These people need to have a document for their existence on this place for the last 15 years otherwise the law is very powerful and they have the right to vacate them.  We are sending activists to look into the issue.”

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