Technological advancements, technically not good for offline recharge markets.

Published on December 4, 2020 by

Shopkeepers dealing in Telecommunication recharges suffer losses as customers become used to online payment.

Indore: The increasing use of online apps for mobile recharge is becoming trouble for offline markets. Recharge vendors and wholesalers are facing a decline in their revenue as the online transactions for direct mobile recharge and other telecommunication services are increasing.

According to a report from News 18, Paytm saw an increase of 42 percent in mobile recharges after the lockdown was imposed.

A recharge shop owner Vivek Chadda says, “The biggest concern is their cashback, which we cannot give because our margin is 2.5%. The customer prefers doing their recharge from their home, without coming to the shop, as they are afraid of covid-19.” Telling about his losses he added these online apps have eaten 40% of hi retail business.

The distributors of the sectors are also facing losses as they are facing difficulties in completing their targets. “There is a huge difference between pre lockdown and post lockdown revenue. Consumers have shifted from physical stores to online channels. The offline business has been damaged by 25-30%” Says Priyank Runwal, a Jio distributor (wholesaler).

Everyone nowadays likes getting their work done at their fingertips using their phone. Once a customer starts using the online market, it is very rare that they move back to their offline sources.  Veenati Ghodke, a fresh user of Paytm says “I prefer online apps as they are more convenient and time-saving.”

“These online applications impact the market only when they avail of some offer. The net impact is not more than 10 percent in urban markets” says Amit Gupta, regional manager in JIO. “These losses will gradually fill up as the market is expanding regularly” he added.

As the country is moving towards digitalization, offline businesses are going to suffer losses. Not only the telecommunication sector but other sectors are also suffering losses in the offline market.

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