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People have started going for smartwatches to get hands on fitness and trends. 

Since last year people have become more health conscious and their inclination towards technology has increased the demand for tech wearables by 144.3% since last year, including upgradation to smart watches from fitness bands, as published in a technology article

These smartwatches provide various options like trackers for fitness levels, SPO2 (peripheral capillary oxygen saturation) detectors as well as pulse and blood pressure trackers. 

The SpO2 monitoring system helps the user detect oxygen saturation levels in the blood. It is a common feature in smartwatches these days.


The sale of smartwatches has increased since the lockdown was lifted last year. Ankit Khanna who sells wrist watches in Lucknow said, “People have started buying out of trend and also because there are features that promote a better lifestyle”. He added that people buy smartwatches that are in the range of Rs 4000-Rs 5000 more, as they are affordable by most.

These smart watches were initially novelty items with a starting price of Rs15000, but now a lot of people have started buying them. 

The cost of many smartwatches are still too much for people to afford although they do help in checking oxygen and pulse levels handy, said Devam Singh who likes being updated with technology and has spent thousands on his smartwatch.

Last year Ramon T. Llamas, who is the Research Director of wearables team in International Data Corporation (IDC) said “Smartwatches will move deeper into health and fitness and connect with multiple applications and systems, both at work and within the home”. 

Due to the specifications, many companies have launched smartwatches at affordable rates that are in the range of Rs 5000. 

While these smartwatches can be used for basic health tracking, they cannot be relied upon in critical situations. Dr Asad Abbas said, “For normal fitness tracking and SPO2 levels you can go for these watches if you already have one, but for therapeutic conditions you must go for a pulse oximeter”. 

The market is believed to expand further in 2021 a normal health check will become handy, as Covid-19 continues to trigger the health conscious.

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