Increase in accident cases in Bangalore

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There is a 22 percent increase in accident cases, major reasons for this are rash driving and underage driving.

Bangalore: According to the Bangalore Traffic Police website, there is a rise in accident cases in Bangalore. There are several factors contributing to this spike, but one major reason is rash driving.

In 2022, the number of accidents was 1,790, including both fatal and non-fatal cases. This year the number has jumped to 2,200, that too till August. Several reasons have contributed to this rise in cases, from underage driving to rash driving.

Residents of Hennuru have faced incidents where they almost escaped accidents due to people rashly driving on the road. Abhijit, a commuter said, “I travel from Hennuru to Bharatiya IT Park on a daily basis, and I witness rash driving quite often. The traffic police are mostly not there on major junctions.”

Manjunath, Traffic Police Inspector said, “Despite the Red-Light Violation Detection Camera (RLVD), drivers still tend to break the rules, which adds up to the cases. Heavy fines are imposed on drivers breaking traffic rules still, there is not much difference.” He added that for rash driving one necessary thing to be done is controlling their speed. RLVD cameras have been installed in many major junctions, which automatically take a picture of the vehicle and help in booking a case against that driver.

Reashma, founder of Street Matrix said, “There should be different ways initiated to control the speeding drivers. Rather than just fining them, some really serious steps should be taken under consideration. Drivers should know that apart from risking their own lives, they are risking others’ lives as well. There should be more road awareness spread amongst the road users and it not only includes the drivers but also the pedestrians. Minute things like crossing roads when the signal is not green is dangerous.”

Experts emphasize that drivers should follow the safety rules for their own protection, rather than escaping from the traffic police and safety norms.

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