As pandemic continues more people became sleepless 

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Nearly 67 percent of Indians are sleep-deprived after work from a home study by Wakefit. co

Bangalore: People are facing difficulties to sleep rewrite, please. due to work from home. Many of them are diagnosed with insomnia as the pandemic continues. A study conducted by, a sleep solution company stated that nearly 67 percent of Indians are sleep deprived
after work from home.

Saloni Verma, a Human Resource (HR) associate said that the doctor diagnosed her insomnia after the lockdown ended. Before that, she was sleepless nights for months, due to a change in her schedule. She added, “I was not able to eat properly and was tired most of the time. Not only that, there was some kind of anxiety all the time.”

A study conducted by the All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS), Rishikesh conducted during the lockdown, concluded that 10 percent of the people showed the symptoms of insomnia. While 11 percent showed symptoms of anxiety and depression. A pre-pandemic study by the International Journal of Contemporary Medical Research stated that 33 percent of Indian adults have insomnia.

Dr M J Thomas, a psychiatrist said that the pandemic has caused a change in lifestyle which caused a shift in sleeping schedule. The change will cause sleep deprivation and eventually lead to insomnia. He added, “Right now, what people are experiencing is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This is caused by the pandemic people are stressed about their lives and jobs. Anyone who is stressed will definitely face sleep distress.”

He also said that sleep deprivation is not prolonged most of the time. As humans, we tend to adjust to the situation. But the situation is changing every day now that is why there is an increase in people with symptoms of insomnia.

Dr Babita, a counsellor-psychologist said that a little change in lifestyle will help us to deal with symptoms of insomnia ourselves as not everyone has access to help. She added, “Reducing screen time, physical activity, and avoiding naps is uniform for all the people who face any kind of shift in their sleeping patterns.”

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