Ban on junk food near school premises

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Ban on junk food near school premises is likely to shut down the advertising agencies.

By Sikha Jaiswal

November 21, 2019

The ban on junk food prohibits sponsorship from brands selling low nutritional value. The FSSAI has proposed that school authorities will have to adopt a comprehensive program for promoting safe food and healthy diets among school children.

Mr. Shyla Kumar, Food Safety Commissioner, says “The vendors may face a lot of problems. From our side, we need to educate and create awareness. Leaving aside the junk food business, they have to start selling fresh juice and freshly prepared food. This will take some time but if they don’t listen to it, we might have to enforce the law.”

The school authorities shall ensure that no advertisements shall be made. Also, any person shall be exposed to sale of pre-packaged foods will result in fat.

Vishwananatha Rao,  Vendor of street food, says, “I am working for the past 6 years and now that the government has planned to put a ban on the sales of junk food, it will bring a miserable situation for me. I used fresh oil to cook snacks for children. I have my family and this will affect my earning medium. The government should look at the situation of families like us then plan to curb the situation.”

The marketing of food products will go down especially with the sales of the products meant for children. The schools will no longer get sponsorships for events from food business operators, says the Food Safety Commissioner.

Rakesh Sharma, MBA-marketing says, “Banning everything at once will put a lot of financial stress on these kinds of parties who are involved in the advertising and food industry. Things can be curbed out slowly. It will provide a lot of time for these parties to switch to other kinds of businesses and improve their quality, convincing the government. Losses can be avoided by finding means to do business.”

The ban on junk food and its hoarding is to curb the actions of food business operators using their logos. Once it is implemented, it will bring awareness to the children about the intake of junk food.

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