Bangalore afflicted by dengue

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September 24, 2019

Bangalore witnessed a sudden outbreak of dengue for the past two months. The East zone of the city is the worst affected area.

By- Sumaya Junaid Ahmed

The number of people afflicted by dengue has risen in Bangalore city

A 50-year-old woman Kavita is battling for her life at KR Puram hospital, a few days after being diagnosed with dengue. She is among the growing number of patients with the disease in the city.

The District Surveillance Report released by the BBMP shows two people died last week due to dengue in east zone Mahadevpura. East zone has the most number of dengue cases.

In July the confirmed dengue cases in Bangalore was 2563 The increase in the incidence of dengue is due to intermittent rain which creates more mosquito breeding spots according to Dr.Vijendra, Chief Health Officer (BBMP).

The District Surveillance Officer (DSO) for malaria control says the BBMP is working to prevent mosquitoes from breeding.

“Preventive measures are taken by our department, junior health assistants; Ashaworkers are visiting house to house and searching for breeding sites and curtailing them. Pamphlets are being distributed for awareness purpose. we are also going to school and colleges and educating them about preventive measures. We have also distributed insecticide to all primary health centers,” said Dr.Manoher, District Surveillance Officer and District Malaria Officer (Urban Bangalore)

Medical experts stress the need for community efforts to prevent this disease. “People should be taking care of their personal hygiene and on community bases, people should take care of their surroundings. During rainy season shells, tires etc should be kept clean,” said Dr. Anurag Sharma.

Mosquitoes breed inside homes and on terraces where there is stagnant water. The best way is to use mosquito nets to prevent dengue, maintain hygiene and make sure there are no larvae production in the house.

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